Libertad Communications

Reading Comprehension:

In industry, science, management and media, advanced reading comprehension is vital.

People’s lives often depend on our ability to comprehend the true meaning behind written words.

The team at Libertad Communications are professional authors, writers and editors with decades of experience in industry, academia, business and media.

We offer modular learning systems designed to help non-native and native English speakers (B2+)  to get the most out of language and master:

  • Decoding multi-clause sentences
  • The Active and Passive Voice
  • Effortlessly acquire advanced vocabulary
  • Translating jargon
  • The English “Would”
  • Technical and report reading
  • Interview preparation

If you are trying to read a primary source, a technical report or an article on climate change we can help you accurately understand the narrative behind the words.

You don’t have to have a PhD to be able to read well, it just takes patience, practice and a structured approach.

Written Communication:

In the world of professional communication, poor writing skills cost companies millions every year due to wasted time and resources. In industry, confusion often kills.

The problem is that there are no shortcuts and AI is not your friend! Machine Learning Algorithms (AI) are blind to mood, the music of punctuation and subtle nuances of meaning.

Digital Writing Assistants will retard your work down to the level of an 11 year old American child.

Studying the rules of grammar is not the answer either. You have to learn the music of the English language. Grammar only explains why the tune works. You cannot write from a set of rules.

You will learn:   

  • Writing your CV
  • The Passive Voice in English requests
  • The Active and Passive Voice: changes of meaning
  • Writing reported speech
  • Expressing problems
  • The invisible zero
  • Adjective Clauses
  • Multi-Clause Sentences

For native and non-native (B1+) who would like to take their written work to a professional level we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Scientific and Technical Papers

We have published papers on subjects as varied as electromagnetics, inspection methodology, as well as ancient history and anthropology.

Whatever you area of interest, we can help you polish your work and make sure that people focus on your ideas and not your language.

Report writing

We have a long history of working with the power generation industry, onshore as well as offshore and have produced technical and final reports in all major formats for Maersk, Shell, CNR, BP, Transocean as well as Repsol.


Professional editing is the best kept secret of professional writers.

Unfortunately, just running your work through a Digital Writing Assistant like Grammarly will retard your evolution as a writer and will often rob your text of any depth or meaning.

Waiting until the end of the writing process before you submit your work to a digital online editing farm will cost you thousands of dollars to edit words that should have been cut out after the first draft.

To save you money, time and polish your skill, editing must follow a sequence that ensures that words are only formally edited when they are ready to be edited.

Editing Sequence (approximate):

  • Structural Edit
  • Paragraph Edit
  • Line Edit
  • Proof Edit.

We offer a complete personal editing and layout service that will ensure that whatever you are writing will be taken seriously.


Whether you are producing a technical report, a novel or a scientific paper how your work is laid out determines how your work is read and how it is understood.

Unless you are lucky enough to be traditionally published, you will have to set your work yourself. But you are not alone. We are here to help to take your work from concept to publication.

And here the thing! Laying out for publication is like taking a song you wrote on the guitar and turning it into a symphony.

But for your orchestra, you get to work with a different set of instruments.

  • Trim size
  • Alignment
  • Typography
  • White Space
  • Pagination
  • Images & logos

If you get the balance right you will make your work easier to read and make the reader want to read it.

We run courses and workshops in Adobe Indesign, MS Word and Adobe Acrobat. If you would prefer to leave it to the professionals we offer layout and design as a service.