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Written Communication

Most people entering the world of professional writing get little to no training on how to write brief, clear, and accurate sentences. According to the Harvard Business Review, 81% of those businesses surveyed said that they are flooded with first-draft emails, poorly edited reports and jargon filled employee manuals. reported on David Grossman’s report.

The problem is that in a traditional language class you won’t learn how to change the tone of your writing, master multi-clause sentences, or the appropriate use of Jargon.

If you use a Digital Writing Assistant, like Grammarly, your English will be without the passive voice, your punctuation will be robotic and your sentences will be imprecise.  

When our professional writing becomes so weak, we sometimes can’t help letting our private opinions break through.  

With the team at Libertad Communications we can help you achieve your goals and master professional English. With our unique workshops and private lessons, we make learning fun.