Libertad Communications


Modular Workshops:

Our classes are made up of no more than six students (unless by prior agreement). Small classes allow us to concentrate adequate time to each student.

The duration of classes varies between 2-4 hours depending on subject.

The emphasis of our classes is on individual practice and “Trigger-words” rather than the rules of grammar; this allows the student to become fluent naturally.

Complex subjects are spread over several workshop events, depending on subject.

Class materials and study notes are provided. No books to purchase.

Workshops Locations:

We hold classes in Spain from Málaga to Marbella and inland to Pizarra. We can set up a workshop in a location near you. Give us a call to discuss the logistics.

Foundation Course:

Our Business Language foundation course is covered in a series of workshops and is supported by an end of course exam and certification. This course concentrates on the nuance, precision and concision of British English common to all aspects of industry.

  • Working with complex multi-clause sentences
  • Information sequence and paragraphing
  • The importance of the passive voice in formal language
  • The indirect in formal language
  • Working with modals in formal requests
  • Changing word order to change emphasis
  • Invisible zero and indefinite article practice

Other Workshops:

Other Workshops deal with industry specific subjects with new topics added all the time by request.

  • Writing reports, theses and abstracts
  • Formal written and spoken communication
  • Jargon specific to profession
  • CV preparation and the interview process
  • Decoding Management Speak
  • And much, much more

Other more specialist subjects are covered by our modular workshops. This means that students remain highly motivated and confident that they are not wasting their time.