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What Every Writer Must Have

Here’s a question for you, ‘What is the one thing that all authors must have’?

Go on! Give it your best shot!

If you are anything like me, you will go through a list longer than the roll call of Earnest Hemingway’s lovers before you come up with the answer.

My first thought was a 1940s Smith-Corona Sterling typewriter. With a floating shift that allows ‘superfast’ typing.


Why? Because not even owning this little beauty would save the writers of Amazon’s ‘The Rings of Power’.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle loved his Parker Duofold fountain pen but how much did it contribute to his genius, I wonder?

George Orwell, known to his family as Eric Arthur Blair, loved cigarettes and, at one point, I even thought of smoking again but then I remembered that Blair died horribly of tuberculosis, which finally brought me to the answer:

To be a writer, before everything, you must have courage – in spades. I don’t mean the shooting lions in Africa, like Earnest Hemingway, type of courage. I mean the kind of courage that will search for the truth within one’s self and not flinch when you see the horror of what your life has become or the comedy of what time has made of your body.

Yes! A writer must always have courage. It takes courage to even start to write a book. For every hundred people who start writing a book, only one of them will go on to finish it.

Is that true? I’m not sure, I just made it up but it does sound about right. I know all seven of my books cost me too much. I have taken two years now to pluck up enough courage to start my next book.

Have you the courage to write a book? Have you already given birth to the best part of your soul, the part that other mortals call “a book”?

Let me know in the comments what you think every writer must have.


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