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The Modern Art of Saying Nothing

Have you noticed how people today seem to have mastered the art of saying nothing?

Let me give you an example: Martha’s Vineyard is the island home to some of the most elite of the American Liberal Elites. In fact, the not so ex, Ex-President Obama has a beach house there. Naturally, liberals love the idea of ‘open boarders’ and unlimited migration of anyone from the third world (but definitely not Europe).

Earlier this month, Martha’s Vineyard received fifty immigrants from Venezuela, on a chartered plane paid for by the tax payers of Texas. Needless to say, the Elites of Martha’s Vineyard didn’t like it one little bit. Within 48 hours those same Liberal Elites had the army escort the Venezuelans to an army base a long way from Martha’s Vineyard – never to return.

And the story would end there but for the way the Legacy Media reported the event. HERE

Instead of calling out the obvious hypocrisy of the pro-immigration Elites, we saw a breathtaking example of the modern art of talking but saying absolutely nothing.

CNN ran with a story, which included this gem, written to suggest, unironically, pride in the response of the Elites of Martha’s Vineyard:

“In just two days we built such a connection between the volunteers who worked at the shelter and really providing and working with the migrants to really take some next steps for their future in this country.”(Sic)

What this amazing statement obscures, by the sheer volume of its hubris, is the fact that the only ‘steps’ the Venezuelans took (compelled by the American army) were swiftly off the island and the only ‘providing’ that was done was by way of giving each of the migrants a cheap mobile phone (total: 5,000 dollars tops) and 50 dollars each (total: 2,500 dollars).

Bear in mind that, when the migrants first arrived, the wealthy Elites first response to the crisis was to set up a donation system that raised 175,000 dollars. Obviously, the figures quoted by CNN suggest that the remaining 167,500 dollars was not given to the migrants. When later questioned about the shortfall, it was confirmed that the balance was to be kept by Martha’s Vineyard to invest in their migrant infrastructure.

Once upon a time, people would have been able to see through the misleading media narrative surrounding this shameful event, but something has broken in the modern mind. As vocabulary and reading comprehension has plummeted so the art of untruth has taken the place of the Enlightenment.

Back in the halcyon days of 1980, American Philosopher, Harry Fankfurt, said “If you lie, you must know the truth, and keep an eye on the facts as your system of reference. That way, truth ultimately retains its validity. The bullshitter, on the other hand, is indifferent to the truth. He simply takes liberties with truth and facts. He is not interested in ‘Reality’. He is only interested in making his claims stick. He manipulates everything to suit his cause, in order to hide that he is up to no good. He obscures the facts, as points of reference, and by so doing undermines the political culture of a democracy that depends on the distinction between what is true and what is false.”

This quote begs the question, is the degradation of the English language intentional or is it the inevitable result of changes in education? It’s hard to say, but nowhere do we find bullshit used as a lingua franca more than in the murky world of business.

It is here that the whole point of language has changed. Once upon a time, we tried to make our language as clear and as concise as possible but today leaders in business and government use language to obscure meaning, which gives us gems like the following: HERE

“Compellingly fabricate collaborative human capital”

“Proactively brand excellent portals”

“Objectively simplify interoperable networks”

And the ultimate bullshit statement: “Build back better”

If anyone has a faintest clue what any of them mean please let us know in the comments. In fact, please give us examples of modern bullshit that you have seen or heard.

For those of you who would like to improve your comprehension skills you might like to visit this link: HERE

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