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Of Goldfish and Men

Have you ever wondered why people reply to your eloquently written emails with just one word or, worse, emojis?

Does ‘Textspeak’ drive you insane?

Do you organise family reunions only to find that most of your family spend the day texting other people.

I, myself, years ago, gave a lift to my niece and her friend Cathy and felt deeply uncomfortable as they both sat in silence for the entire journey. Later on at dinner, I noticed that my niece spent the entire meal texting on her phone. I asked her who she was texting and she said it was Cathy. She was offended when I asked her why she hadn’t spoken a word to her friend in the car.

There is a reason why the standard of writing on TV shows is so bad. In 2015, Microsoft Corp did a study in Canada and showed that the average attention span in the population has dropped from 12 seconds to just eight. Read HERE

So congratulate your children, they now live in a world where humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish (9 seconds). HERE

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