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Publishers Prefer Pornography

Gender Queer is a comic book by ‘non-binary’ author Maia Kobabe. Ms Kobabe tells the world to only address ‘her’ using e/em/eir for pronouns (spivak).

Despite the New York Times helpfully informing us that Gender Queer is the “most banned book of 2021,” the publishing industry has been falling over itself to heap praise on eir (her) comic book, with the resultant healthy book sales.

Publishers Weekly breathlessly describe it thus, “this heartfelt graphic memoir relates, with sometimes painful honesty…” (ad nauseam). While Jenni Frencham, for the School Library Journal called the Comic book “a great resource for those who identify as nonbinary (sic) or asexual…”(ad nauseam). Read more HERE.

In fact, Gender Queer received the Alex Award from the American Library Association and there lies the rub. As you may, or not, know Gender Queer is a pornographic comic book whose illustrations would be more at home on a toilet wall than a children’s library. It introduces us to the delights of “Virginal Slime” and charmingly shares the author’s love of strap on dildos and oral sex. For those of you who, like me, grew up in Essex, pretty tame stuff I know but it is the fact that Kobabe wrote her book for children that has sent parents to the barricades. Apparently they are not too keen on little Chuck or Chuckela fumbling across this comic book while trying to research the linguistic use of gender in romance languages.

That it may inform your own consideration of the book, let me share the two principal points of my disgust.


Coarsening of culture:

Unless you were blessed with perfect genetics, sane parents and disposable income, childhood is difficult for everyone – even more so when a child is ‘different’. It is that unique journey that has created some of our greatest literary art. I am thinking here of J. D. Salinger, “The Catcher in the Rye” and Harper Lee “To Kill a Mockingbird.

Ms Kobabe, in reducing her dubious experiences to descriptions of human plumbing and toilet wall anatomy has done herself, nor the rest of us cursed with being ‘different’, any favours.

Who could have heard Laura Pergolizzi’s (LP) song “Lost on You” and not found your own heart and life dissected before your eyes. When she sings the song “Strange” she had no need to mention virginal slime and her lyrics are the better for it.

Kobobe’s pornographic comic fails to lift us up but will succeed in bringing generations of young people down, if strap on dildos are all there is to love. And like the band on the Titanic, the publishers will play on as our civilisation continues to sink to ever greater depths.


Subversion of language:

The LBGTQ+ movement have commandeered the use of pronouns. Let me explain why that is a problem with a question:

Why does anyone use language?

There are two reasons that I can think of:

  1. Communication with other people
  2. Domination and control of other people

If we are communicating with other people, in good faith, we try to make our language as understandable as possible. We use the words we think they will understand.

The English language has evolved with its people over a thousand years. At no point in its history did someone just invent it.

Most European languages, including old English, used three linguistic genders (Male, Female, Neuter) as identifiers. The romance languages, like Spanish, still use them but in English the use has atrophied. Nevertheless, English remains one of the best languages for precise technical communication.

If people just make up words and expect others to use them that is not communication but domination and so it always was. When Ella Flagg Young started using he’er, his’err and him’er nobody was surprised that the insanity came from a progressive in Chicago. Read more HERE

My problem with the narcissistic use of pronouns is that it is an expression of domination and has no interest in the process of communication.


In conclusion:

Books like Gender Queer written by people like Maia Kobabe will be almost guaranteed a lucrative book deal from a retarded and decadent publishing industry. As I explain in our booklet, “The Lies of the Publishing Business,” as a result of their perfidy, your book will not be published.

When you leave this world, the sum of all that you have seen and all that you have thought will be lost to the world.

The world will be the less for it, while the world is less for having been subjected to the comic book Gender Queer.

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