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Libertad Editing Services: Structural Editing

So you have the first draft of your book?

You’ve gone over the manuscript so many times that you feel physically sick just thinking of it?

No! You’re still not quite there!

When you can’t even remember why you started writing the damn book and suicide is looking like a great career option, now might finally be the time for an edit.

But before you do, save yourself a lot of money and reach out to your beta readers.

Beta Readers Reloaded:

Have at least two beta readers go over your manuscript and fill out our chapter by chapter questionnaire. Ask them to mark any obvious misspellings, mistakes or parts that trip them up.

Have a look at your work in the context of their comments and see if you can improve the text. See if you can tighten it up. Doing this first will save a huge amount of money and time. When you feel that you can’t go any further with the work, now is the time to call in the experts.

Why a Structural Edit and What is it:

So we have taken an idea for a book – a concept – and we have given it a structure. Hopefully, we have had input from other people on how well that structure translates our original concept (Concept Edit)

Now is the time to confirm that your book’s structure is doing the job you had in mind. The Structural Edit may see whole chapters changed, paragraphs cut and rearranged. It is a total waste of time and money to pay someone to look at your spelling, grammar and punctuation if you are going to make changes to your work. You can think of the Structural Edit as a super deep beta read by someone with a high level of reading comprehension and a sound knowledge of the different tones of written English.

Having someone ripping your work apart is a deeply uncomfortable experience. Remember there is a big difference between a degree in the history of art and actually being an artist. Just because someone has a degree in English it doesn’t make them a writer. Make sure that your editor is capable of comprehending the fundamental point of your book before you turn them loose on the most intimate part of yourself – your book.

Structural Edit will look for: Readability and accuracy.

  • Chapter structure, arc, flow and reading hook
  • Characters, dialogue and POV
  • Overall plot points and possible holes
  • Character arcs
  • Tripping points
  • Pacing
  • Repetition
  • Vocabulary

 Structural Edit will NOT look for: spelling, grammar, punctuation or capitalisation.

If you need our help:

Contact us through the website. We will reply within 24 hours, where possible. Please, then, email us three pages of the best part of the book with a synopsis. We will then have a look and suggest a time and day for a free 15 minute video conference to discuss the work.

After we have had the chance to chat and make sure that we are a good fit – as a team- we will give you a formal quote for the work you would like us to do on your project and you can then make up your mind if you would like us to proceed.

We normally require 50% of the fee to be paid before work can commence.

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